•  The Safe Babies Safe Kids Task Force Program on Children and the Pandemic
  • Inaugural Data Summit
  • Only take a ride from someone you know and trust. If you need assistance, contact your local police  or Council on Aging

    Seniors in Middlesex County could be at risk for COVID-19 related scams. More »

  • TENGA CUIDADO! Los adultos mayores pueden estar en riesgo de caer en una estafa relacionada con la epidemia COVID-19

    Estafadores están intentando engañar a los adultos mayores ofreciendo llevarlos a centros de vacunación a cambio de pagos sospechosos More »

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Opioid Initiatives

We approach the opioid epidemic through cultural shifts in how we operate as an office, focusing on collaboration and progressive approach to interventions to end the cyclical and cross-generational effects of the opioid crisis.

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Elder Safety

Through safety, health, and wellness programs for seniors  we focus on education and prevention to ensure that seniors are safe in their homes, and that they are treated with dignity and respect.

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Youth Initiatives

Our community-based work in this area is anchored in the belief that parent and caretaker education is paramount to ensuring the health and safety of children.