Anti-Hate Anti-Bias Task Force

In 2020, the Middlesex District Attorney's Office launched the Anti-Hate, Anti-Bias Task Force to address the increase of hateful, biased and racist incidents occurring in the Middlesex County. The goal of this task force is to identify, address and prevent these events from happening in the communities. It was created as a response to numerous incidents that have occurred across Middlesex County, including the defacing of a mural of George Floyd in Stoneham, anti-Semitic graffiti in Arlington and Bedford, and a man alleged to have driven at a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters in Newton.

The Task Force, made up of stakeholders, including lawmakers, mayors, faith leaders, educators and youth leaders, community advocates and law enforcement takes a multi-pronged approach to engage the community in addressing these issues. By bringing together community leaders to address these incidents, the District Attorney’s Office will be able to more rapidly respond to incidents and recognize trends that will help with targeted prevention and education.

Contact: Antonia Soares Thompson, Director of Racial Initiatives Email: 


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10.20.22 Recorded Meeting

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Report a Community Incident Motivated by Hate/Bias

Reportar un Incidente Motivado por Odio o Prejuicio en la Comunidad